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Masdevallia and Affiliates explains the newly accepted divisions of Masdevallia that Carl Luer outlined in Icones vol 28.

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Masdevallia decumana Kgr.

From the Latin decumanus, "of a large size", referring to the size of the flower in comparison to the size of the plant.


Subgenus: Masdevallia

Section: Masdevallia

Subsection: Caudatae


Plant ID: 00566/01269(top row), 01061(bottom row)


Clonal Name: 'Kristina' (on 01269)

Award: AM/AOS of 81 points (on 01269)


Additional Information: Occurs locally in the cloud forests of northern Peru and southeastern Ecuador at altitudes ranging from 4,750 feet (1,450 m) to 6,900 feet (2,100 m).