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Masdevallia Afternoon Delight

(M. Sunny Angel x M. Kimballiana)


Plant ID: 01943/02733(top row), 04187/01869/03734(bottom row)


Additional Information: As you can see, you sometimes have to bloom some frogs to get a prince. The princes in this cross are the clear yellows. Both parents have somewhat reflexed sepal edges, but this first and fourth clone is reflexed to a fault. The second and fifth clones are more like what the hybridizer was looking for from this cross. The third one has nice form also and a little more color. The form seems to have come mostly from M. triangularis. The color is pretty much like both parents for the left one, but the dark caudae are most likely from M. Sunny Angel. The right one most likely got the clear yellow color from M. Kimballiana.