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Masdevallia Alison Lang

(M. tovarensis x M. caloptera)


Plant ID: 02804


Other Information: With both parents being multifloral, this hybrid is also. However, it took after the M. caloptera parent with a long inflorescence of up to three flowers rather than M. tovarensis that produces all its flowers from a common point. The flower has gained additional substance from M. tovarensis as well as the translucency with opaque white along the veins. M. caloptera gave it the maroon spotting and dark lip and column near the center. The flower is a little more open and larger than M. caloptera. I found that on different bloomings, if the humidity was a little higher and the temps a little cooler, the flowers opened like the last photograph.


Alison Lang is one of the treasurers for an Airedale rescue organization. I selected this hybrid for her because it is a multifloral and Alison does a lot of multi-tasking (and does it well I might say) to handle the day-to-day operation of being treasurer. The sepals of this cross are quite pointed, which reminds me of how Alison "gets to the point" and gets the job done.