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Masdevallia Barbara Mann

(M. mendozae x M. constricta)


Plant ID: 03945/03945/L0048


Additional Information: This cross turned out almost exactly as planned. The flowers kept a nice, bright orange color from M. mendozae and got a little more open face with longer caudae from M. constricta. The several plants bloomed so far have been consistently similar.


Barbara Mann is not only the Vice President for our Airedale Rescue, but the lead coordinator in charge of the dogs for the state of Ohio. She is very active in obedience and the American Kennel Club. Barbara was the first of our coordinators to use the prison training program to help make our rescues more adoptable. She talks about rescue and represents rescue in many different ways.

For these reasons, I chose this cross for Barbara. It is not only very sleek looking, and boldly colored for Barbara's "out there" personality, but it reminds me of a horn, like the horn Barbara blows on behalf of Airedale rescue.