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Masdevallia and Affiliates explains the newly accepted divisions of Masdevallia that Carl Luer outlined in Icones vol 28.

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Masdevallia Bella Donna

(M. coccinea x M. datura)


Plant ID: 01466/03193/03441(top row), 03192/04724/03189(bottom row)


Clonal Name: 'Marsh Hollow' (on 03193)

Clonal Name: 'Xmas' (on 03189)

Clonal Name: 'Snow White' (on 03441)

Award: HCC/AOS of 79 points (on 03441)


Additional Information: This flower has taken the pleasing shape of the M. coccinea parent and upright but shorter inflorescences. It is a soft pink color which is a blend between the two parents. The substance it a little better than the M. datura parent, but it s still somewhat weak. Here is a comment from Ron Maunder:


I should also mention that M. datura is NOT an alba. No albino Bella Donnas turned up to my knowledge when M. datura was crossed with M. coccinea alba. Perhaps the wrong alba was used? There is always that outside chance that an alba will turn up anywhere I guess.

You can see a "black" spot on M. datura at the base of the sepaline tube where the ovary starts - from the outside it shows up. To me this explains why M. datura is not an albino, although it looks like one. That dark spot comes through in the Bella Donnas and in most Lyn Sherlocks (M. Bella Donna x M. coccinea again). It just shows up as a faded spot. I have seen it in the Alyssa Marias (M. veitchiana x M. datura) also.