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Masdevallia Bellaflora

(M. Bella Donna x M. uniflora)


Plant ID: 01978/02007/04401/03783


Clonal Name: 'Free Spirit' (on 03783)

Award: HCC/AOS of 77 points (on 03783) given on 3-15-08 at the Michigan Orchid Society Show.


Additional Information: Of the few I have bloomed so far, neither have picked up the size of M. Bella Donna. M. uniflora seems to impart small size to its hybrids. It also seems to pass on none of the fuchsia coloring to all but two of the plants I bloomed. Only a faint hint of pink remains at the outer edges of the sepal flares, just before the tails on the flower to the left. The third one is a light pink. The last two seem to have been influenced a bit more by M. Bella Donna in form.