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Masdevallia Billion-Nims

Plant ID: 04333/04333/04334(top row), 04598/04597/04599(bottom row)

Additional Information:
This flower took its brilliant color and red hairs from M. Annette Hall and smaller flower size from M. Falcon Sunrise. This first clone that I bloomed had the best form when it first opened. Gradually the edges of the sepals rolled back.
When I began to bloom hybrids with Annette Hall as a parent, I had to choose people to name them for that were close to Annette. Annette mentored Mike and Kirk and they enjoyed time together as friends as well as fellow rescuers. This particular plant, which was the first one I bloomed, had two flowers open at once – one each for Mike Billion and Kirk Nims. Plants of this hybrid are very reminiscent of Annette’s red hair. The red overtones of these orange flowers are actually red hairs.