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Masdevallia Carol Domeracki

(M. Harlequin x M. striatella)


Plant ID: 00473/02890/03966(top row), 04390/04189/04238(bottom row)


Clonal Name: 'Free Spirit' (on 04390)

Award: HCC/AOS of 77 points (on 04390) given on 5-17-2008 at the Great Lakes Judging Center.


Additional Information: This is a nice blend between the two parents. M. striatella has added substance. M. Harlequin is (M. yungasensis ssp. calocodon x M. uniflora). The pink from M. uniflora is gone, but with both M. striatella and M. calocodon being striped, the stripes are nice and crisp.


Carol Domeracki was one of the first three officers of Airedale Terrier rescue here in Michigan. She has done rescue for many years and works constantly in the background finding great new ways to raise money for our organization. M. Carol Domeracki is bright and cheerful like Carol. The crisp lines remind me of her eye for detail. This cross is also floriferous which reminds me of her ability to juggle many tasks at once.