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Masdevallia Chris Bettis

(M. Pixie Gold x M. chaparensis)


Plant ID: 02784/03408/04100(top row), 04125/04104/04103(bottom row)


Additional Information: The first clone of hybrid looks a lot like a M. Sunset Jaguar. The other two have flowers that are much larger and brighter. The third clone has flowers that stand well above the floiage. It seems that the form and spotting of the M. chaparensis parent is quite dominant in most of its hybrids, even if the other parent is quite different.


Chris Bettis coordinates Airedale rescue in the state of Arkansas. The bold color of this flower fits her personality perfectly. Chris steps up to every challenge when it comes to the welfare of our beloved breed. Many Airedales have been rescued through her perseverance. Once you have met her, you know that Chris is not one to fade into the background. She would rather be on the front lines where the action is.