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Masdevallia Christine Sheffer

(M. infracta x M. princeps)


Plant ID: 04135


Additional Information: This is a nice blend between the two parents. M. princeps gave this hybrid rust-orange flowers on strong, tall stems that stand well above the foliage. It has also increased the size of the flower. M. infracta has flattened the flower out some and increased the chance that each stem will yield at least two sequential flowers. The flowers also have the distinctive lighter dorsal indicative of M. infracta.


Christine Sheffer is the National Chairman for Airedale Rescue. This flower reminded me of her for several reasons. The flower stems hold the flowers well above the foliage. The job Christine does for National Airedale Rescue puts her well above the rest of the crowd. She should be proud of what she does and what she has accomplished for Airedales all over the US and Canada. In addition, she handles Airedale rescue in her home state of New York. The color of the flower is also velvety and rich-looking - very suitable for the person who has dedicated her talents and leadership to working with volunteers and Airedales nationwide.


Christine is shown here with two of the Airedale quilts donated to National Airedale Rescue for fundraising efforts.