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Masdevallia and Affiliates explains the newly accepted divisions of Masdevallia that Carl Luer outlined in Icones vol 28.

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Masdevallia Dean Haas

(M. Copper Angel x M. Angel Glow)


Plant ID: 03438/02322


Clonal Name: 'Gina'

Award: AM/AOS of 82 points

Clonal Name: 'Bentley'

Award: AM/AOS


Additional Information:

M. triangularis is only one of six species parents (3 of which are M. veitchiana) involved in this cross, yet it seems to impart some distinct characteristics - the dark caudae, the form and the faint striping. M. veitchiana has obviously contributed to the color. In the second clone, the dark tails is missing as sometimes happens in second generation from M. triangularis.