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Masdevallia and Affiliates explains the newly accepted divisions of Masdevallia that Carl Luer outlined in Icones vol 28.

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Masdevallia Fraseri

(M. coccinea x M. ignea)


Plant ID: 03577/03790/04330/04327/04329/04328 (top row)


Other Information: The photo on the left shows flowers with forms more like M. coccinea. M. ignea dominated the form in the clone on the upper left. With most M. ignea crosses, the dorsal does not hang down - rather it protrudes forward or stands up. However, the upper right shows an exception. The colors here represent the bright colors of M. coccinea. The flower on the upper left has darker veining on the lateral sepals from M. ignea. Below is what Ron Maunder wrote about the two photos on the bottom:


Above (bottom row) are a couple of photos to show you what we got when we remade M. Fraseri with an unusual M. coccinea. The M. coccinea on the right of the first photo came from Posada in Colombia. It was named 'L & R Sunset' by my friends. I selected it for its wide rounded shape - not its faded colour. When I put it with M. ignea on the left of the first photo, I got a lot of bright coloured oranges and orangey flames, some with light stripes and most with forward or downward dorsals like M. ignea. A few exceptional big, round, bright reds on strongly upright stems came through. The other seedlings we sold off easily at meetings but we kept the red ones. The substance is heavier and the stems generally thicker and the lovely yellow throat sets it off. The second photo shows several of the reds which we are breeding on with. This M. Fraseri remake is quite different from those we have seen here in the past.