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Masdevallia Free Spirit

(M. striatella x M. Hirasaki)


Plant ID: 02008,02044,02325,02324 (first photo)/02842,seedling,02863 (second photo)(top row), 03948(bottom row)


Additional Information: This is MY first hybrid to bloom! I had taken the parent (M. datura x M. notosibirica) to judging and they thought it was nice, but the caudae were still somewhat corkscrewed from the weak substance of M. datura and the curly caudae of M. notosibirica. They suggested I hybridize with it to see if I could straighten the caudae. This is my first attempt, using M. striatella. I was successful with straightening the caudae, but I shortened the sepaline tube and the color is not as good - at least on most of the first seedlings to bloom. I did, however, get some faint striping from M. striatella in some of the clones. So far only one clone, the one on the far right, achieved my goal with this cross. It is much larger than the other clones and it has the beautiful coloration from the M. Hirasaki parent.