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Masdevallia Leslie Eiler

(M. Firecracker x M. triangularis)


Plant ID: 03555


Clonal Name: 'Home Sweet Home'

Award: HCC/AOS of 78 points given on 5-10-2008 at the Erie Pennsylvania Orchid Society Show.


Additional Information: This hybrid has five different species in the background used only once each - M. coccinea, M. veitchiana. M. infracta. M. welischii in addition to M. triangularis. It seems that the form of M. veitchiana is dominant and the striping and darker caudae come from M. triangularis.


This hybrid was named for Leslie Eiler. The flower is very rich looking in both its color and velvety texture. While Leslie may not have a lot of physical possessions in her life, she is rich in all of the ways that really matter. She has the best friend and partner that anyone could ever ask for with Roofus. She also has a fantastic extended family within the Airedale community.