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Masdevallia Margie Hunter

(M. Claret Chalice x M. schroederiana)


Plant ID: 04201/04306/04201


Other Information: This is a most interesting color combination from the two parents. None of the color patterning from M. schroederiana came through - at least in the first few of this cross to bloom. The flowers are staying on the smaller side - closer to the size of M. Claret Chalice, probably because of M. uniflora in the background. It would be interesting to self this cross to see if the variation comes out.


I got to know Margie when I stayed with her for the Kansas Seminaire. This flower is bold and tenacious – and so is Margie. I got to know Margie’s terrier tenacity when we were trying so desperately to catch Maddie, the dog who had gotten loose in southern Illinois. Margie works quietly in the background on any task that Terry, the Kansas coordinator, needs help with but transitions to take the lead when Terry needs her help – thus the transition from rose-red to the yellow tails. Margie also has a spiritual side and when I showed this flower to her, the first thing she noticed was that the flower parts at the center of the flower form an Airedale head – a fitting tribute to an Airedale person.