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Masdevallia Mary Gade

(M. Bright Angel x M. princeps)


Plant ID: 03571


Other Information: This M. princeps cross is the first I have seen that didn't seem to get much of anything from M. princeps except perhaps caudae that are a little longer. The other parents in the background include two shots of M. coccinea, which dominates in almost every aspect, and M. estradae.


Mary Alberts-Gade originally began helping our group with Airedale Terrier rescue as the coordinator in Iowa. While there, she was best known throughout national and worldwide Airedale circles for mounting a massive successful e-mail campaign to secure the release of an Airedale named Piper from a research facility. After a move to Colorado and seeing a need to help homeless Airedales there, she began a new rescue group that eventually joined ours - making her part of our "family" once more. She is fondly known as a great mentor and friend by the volunteers both in Iowa and Colorado who have since joined our ranks.


Masdevallia Mary Gade was selected for Mary for several reasons. The elegant form is for this elegant lady. The flower stands tall above the plant like Mary's work that puts her standing tall above the rest. The bold color is for her bold personality. Mary leaves no stone unturned when it comes to helping an Airedale in need and has motivated friends and strangers alike for our cause.