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Masdevallia and Affiliates explains the newly accepted divisions of Masdevallia that Carl Luer outlined in Icones vol 28.

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Masdevallia Morning Glory

(M. chaparensis x M. Marguerite)


Plant ID: 03560/03562/03590/03590


Clonal Name: 'Free Spirit' (on 03590)

Award: HCC/AOS of 77 points (on 03590) given on 4-15-2006 at the Great Lakes Judging Center


Additional Information:

This hybrid gets a varying amount, size and intensity of spots from the M. chaparensis parent and gets it's form from M. Marguerite. For the most part, the orange color of M. Marguerite comes through, but there was one clone observed that had the purple-pink color of M. chaparensis. Just a note, the tails of 03560 broke off during shipping. They should be like the flower next to it.