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Masdevallia Paula Lackner

(M. uniflora x M. patriciana)


Plant ID: 03023


Additional Information: M. uniflora normally dwarfs its progeny, but in this case when crossed with the smaller M. patriciana, actually produced a flower larger than the other parent. The form is quite delicate - taking more after M. patriciana. The brilliant color comes from M. uniflora.


This is Paula Lackner with Hanna Banana, a miracle Airedale puppy she raised from birth. Paula is not only a good friend, but the Vice President of our Airedale Terrier rescue organization and the champion of many Airedales whom she helped find new homes in Wisconsin. She also started, organized and continues to be involved in the annual Fall Aire Frolic, one of our major fundraisers. The delicate form of the flowers represents Paula's sensitive side. The color is bold like her personality.