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Masdevallia Setting Sun

(M. Tiger Kiss x M. coccinea alba)


Plant ID: 04313


Clonal Name: 'Free Spirit'

Award: AM/AOS of 83 points given on 5-6-2006 at the Fort Wayne Orchid Society show.


Additional Information:

This hybrid is a real knockout! It has large, nicely held flowers with a very hard substance. Most likely, the substance came from M. macrura in the background of M. Tiger Kiss. The base color and most of the form comes from having two shots of M. veitchiana in the background. M. yungasensis is also a grandparent and is probably the reason for the stripes, however, instead of three bold stripes per sepal, there are additional softer stripes radiating from the center of the flower. M. coccinea alba 'Snowbird' is a proven color enhancer. Depending on the humidity and temperature, sometimes the flowers open with the edges of the lateral sepals recurved and the tails crossed as in the second photo.