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Masdevallia Tigertale

(M. Golden Tiger x M. Kimballiana)


Plant ID: 02796/02796/03397/03396


Clonal Name: 'Free Spirit'

Award: JC/AOS given on 5-3-2003 at the Northwest Pennsylvania Orchid Society Show in Erie PA. The photo on the right is how this flower looked under high pressure sodium lights - the reason it was given a JC.


Other Information: These flowers have the substance of plastic and in natural light are orange with some red striping in the center of the flower. This flower was originally judged under high pressure sodium lights before being taken outdoors to natural light. The color under high pressure sodium lighting was yellow with maroon striping in the center. You can see a lot of the M. Kimballiana influence in this hybrid, but without the reflexing that is normally seen in the caudae.