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Masdevallia Trudy Greco

(M. Aquarius x M. Minaret)


Plant ID: 03792/03791(left two), L0042 other seedlings (right four)(top row)

04393/04422/L0042/L0042(both)(bottom row)


Additional Information: Was hoping to see some bright yellow flowers with stripes, but as usually happens with second generation M. yungasensis hybrids, striped flowers are in the vast minority. The left two flowers turned out to be an almost white flower kissed with pink and striped in gold. The next two are shades of yellow and gold. The last one has some striping and flushing and is quite pretty. I have been told that someone else has bloomed out a beautiful striped clone, so you can expect to get stripes occasionally.


Trudy Greco is a good friend and was the Transportation Coordinator for Airedale Terrier rescue. She was the person that made sure the Airedales got moved from state to state within our area when a long distance transport was needed. She set the bar for this valuable job to which new transportation coordinators aspire to. This flower is sunny like Trudy's disposition and bold like her personality.