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Masdevallia Windswept

(M. Copperwing x M. Keiko Komoda)


Plant ID: 01375/S0023/02216(top row), S0023/03143/S0023(bottom row)


Clonal Name: 'Free Spirit' (on 01375)

Award: AM/AOS of 81 points (on 01375) given on 5-19-2001 at the Great Lakes Judging Center.


Additional Information: This hybrid has exceptionally large flowers for the plant. The species parents are M. constricta, M. decumana, M. triangularis and two shots of M. veitchiana. You can see some of M. decumana in the form, the upright, taller inflorescences no doubt come from M. veitchiana and M. triangularis, and the compact plant size can be attributed to M. constricta and M. decumana. The most unusual observation is the lack of spots or stripes from the M. decumana and M. triangularis parents.

The first bloom of this cross was not only a winner, but definitely different from others that bloomed after. The clones on the right had more color (but still no spots to speak of), however, the edges of the sepals rolled and the form was more cupped.