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Dracula Don Garling

(D. Phantom x D. platycrater)


Plant ID: 03581/03581/04129


Clonal Name: 'Don's Dark Secret' (on 03581)

Award: AM/AOS of 84 points (on 03581) given on 10-16-2004 at the Great Lakes Judging Center

Clonal Name: 'Thank You Lynn' (on 04129)

Award: AM/AOS of 84 points (on 04129) given on 4-15-2006 at the Great Lakes Judging Center


Additional Information: D. Phantom is D. vampira crossed with D. tubeana. You can see a little of D. vampira in the center of this flower. It is also exceptionally dark in color. D. tubeana is solid colored at the outer edges of the sepals also. D. platycrater has influenced the shape a little with the star shape.



Don Garling is the treasurer of the Pleurothallid Alliance, a fellow AOS judge and orchid friend. While everyone else was getting a masdevallia named after them, I thought it would be fitting to name a Dracula after Don. Don has a great sense of humor and the genus Dracula was created with a little humor in mind. You will have to ask Don about his "dark secret" - the clonal name of his first award-winning orchid.