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Dracula Jake Sprankle

(D. bellerophon x D. vampira)


Plant ID: 04144(two on left)/04141(two on right)


Clonal Name: 'Fuzzy Face'

Award: AM/AOS of 85 points given on 4-15-2006 at the Great Lakes Judging Center


Additional Information: This flower took after D. bellerophon in terms of size and form. You can see D. vampira in the lip. The flower is 31 cm from tip to tip.



Jake Sprankle is the poster child for our Airedale Rescue group. He had a column in our newsletter from the "Travel Editail". Window clings were made for our cars from this image. He wore this saddle bag filled with brochures at many events. This flower and the clonal name are a fitting tribute to Jake - both have fuzzy faces.