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Volume 30 of the Icones Pleurothallidinarum is now available for purchase through MBG for $80 plus $12.60 for U.S. shipping.

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I have been a pleurothallid addict since 1997.  I started out growing pleurothallids under lights in my basement and eventually moved to my new greenhouse in January 2000.  With more growing space available, I have been venturing into hybridizing and growing seedlings from flasks and compots.  I have over 2,500 plants in my personal collection in nearly every genera of Pleurothallids, including many divisions and kiekis.

HTML clipboard I am the newsletter editor for the Pleurothallid Alliance and the webmaster for their website.  I am also an accredited AOS judge and have over 330 AOS awards - nearly all to pleurothallids.  I would urge anyone interested in growing pleurothallids, even if just a handful, to consider joining this great group.  You can find information for every level of growing - from the beginner to the most advanced.  Check out the benefits of membership for more information.

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I enjoy photography.  I do awards slides for the Great Lakes Judging Center and some of the nearby shows.  My photos have been published in Orchids and Orchid Digest. I also had a photo selected for the 2006 AOS calendar.  If you are interested in purchasing prints of my photography, go to my photography sales list.



I love to share what I am learning about these wonderful orchids and have several talks available I can give to groups about pleurothallids.  If you would like more information, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.To take a photo tour through the pleurothallids in my collection, you can go to my list of species photos, my list of hybrid photos or my AOS awarded plants. Occasionally I have divisions or seedlings available for sale. This list can be found on my sales page.



I also enjoy displaying my pleurothallids at local shows.  I have constructed a case that breaks down for easy travel and protects and humidifies my plants during shows.  If you would like to see photos of some of my displays, then you don't want to miss my display page.

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