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Brachionidium (brack-ee-oh-NID-ee-um) contains around 65 interrelated species from throughout tropical America. The name is derived from the Greek word for "little arm" referring to the protrusions on the stigma, or the tip of the female reproductive part. The branching rhizomes are sheathed and produce short aerial stems. The single short-lived flowers appear to have two sepals and a pair of similar large petals. They have six or eight pollinia.

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Brachionidium alpestre Luer & Vásquez
Brachionidium andreettae Luer & Andreetta
Brachionidium arethusa Luer
Brachionidium ballatrix Luer & Hirtz
Brachionidium brachycladium Luer & Escobar
Brachionidium brevicaudatum Rolfe
Brachionidium calypso Luer
Brachionidium capillare Luer & Hirtz
Brachionidium ciliolatum Garay
Brachionidium concolor Lindl. = Brachionidium tuberculatum
Icones Pleurothallidinarum XII; p. 126 (12/1995)
Brachionidium cruzae L.O.Williamsz
Brachionidium dalstroemii Luer
Brachionidium dentatum Luer & Dressler
Brachionidium diaphanum Luer & Vásquez
Brachionidium dodsonii Luer
Brachionidium dressleri Luer
Brachionidium dungsii Pabst = Brachionidium restrepioides
Icones Pleurothallidinarum XII; p. 110 (12/1995)
Brachionidium dussii Cogn. = Brachionidium parvum
Icones Pleurothallidinarum XII; p. 90 (12/1995)
Brachionidium ecuadorense Garay
Brachionidium elegans Luer & Hirtz
Brachionidium ephemerum Luer & Hirtz
Brachionidium escobarii Luer
Brachionidium filamentosum Luer & Hirtz
Brachionidium floribundum Garay = Brachionidium tuberculatum
Icones Pleurothallidinarum XII; p. 126 (12/1995)
Brachionidium folsomii Dressler
Brachionidium fornicatum Luer & Hirtz
Brachionidium furfuraceum Luer
Brachionidium galeatum Luer & Hirtz
Brachionidium haberi Luer
Brachionidium hirtzii Luer
Brachionidium imperiale Luer & Escobar
Brachionidium ingramii Luer & Dalström
Brachionidium jesupiae Luer
Brachionidium julianii Carnevali & Ramírez
Brachionidium kuhniarum
Brachionidium lehmannii Luer
Brachionidium longicaudatum Ames & Schweinf.
Brachionidium loxense Luer
Brachionidium lucanoideum Luer
Brachionidium meridense Garay
Brachionidium minusculum Luer & Dressler
Brachionidium muscosum Luer & Vásquez
Brachionidium neblinense Carnevali & Ramírez
Brachionidium operosum Luer & Hirtz
Brachionidium parvifolium (Lindl.) Lindl.
Brachionidium parvum Cogn.
Brachionidium peltarion Luer
Brachionidium pepe-portillae Luer & Hirtz
Brachionidium phalangiferum
Brachionidium piuntzae Luer
Brachionidium polypodium Luer
Brachionidium portillae Luer
Brachionidium portillae Luer & Hirtz = Brachionidium pepe-portillae
Icones Pleurothallidinarum XXVII; p. 309 (4/2005)
Brachionidium pteroglossum Luer & Hirtz
Brachionidium puraceënse Luer
Brachionidium pusillum Ames & Schweinf.
Brachionidium renzii Luer
Brachionidium restrepioides (Hoehne) Pabst
Brachionidium rugosum Luer & Hirtz
Brachionidium satyreum Luer
Brachionidium serratum Schltr.
Brachionidium sherringii Rolfe
Brachionidium sherringii var. parvum (Cogn.) Stehlé = Brachionidium parvum
Icones Pleurothallidinarum XII; p. 90 (12/1995)
Brachionidium simplex Garay
Brachionidium stellare Luer & Hirtz
Brachionidium steyermarkii Foldats = Brachionidium tuberculatum
Icones Pleurothallidinarum XII; p. 126 (12/1995)
Brachionidium syme-morrisii Luer
Brachionidium tetrapetalum (Lehm. & Krzl.) Schltr.
Brachionidium tuberculatum Lindl.
Brachionidium uxorium Luer & Vásquez
Brachionidium valerioi Ames & Schweinf.
Brachionidium vasquezii Luer
Brachionidium zunagense Luer & Hirtz