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Dresslerella (dress-ler-EL-lah) is a genus named after the prominent investigator of orchids, Robert Dressler. The eight or so species from Central America and northwestern South America have thick, heavy, more or less hairy leaves and single flowers with fuzzy sepals.

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Dresslerella archilae Luer & Behar

Dresslerella caesariata Luer

Dresslerella cloesii Luer

Dresslerella elvallense Luer

Dresslerella hirsutissima (C.Schweinf.) Luer

Dresslerella hispida (L.O.Williams) Luer

Dresslerella lasiocampa Luer & Hirtz

Dresslerella pertusa (Dressler) Luer

Dresslerella pilosissima (Schltr.) Luer

Dresslerella portillae Luer & Hirtz

Dresslerella powellii (Ames) Luer

Dresslerella sijmiana Luer

Dresslerella stellaris Luer & Escobar