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Lepanthes (leh-PAN-theez) is one of the larger genera with over 700 species distributed in the Antilles and from Mexico through Bolivia with very few found in Brazil. The genus has been further divided into several subgenera. Greek for "a scale" and "a flower", the name may refer to the small, scale-like flowers. The flowers are usually produced successively in racemes and are delicate and multi-colored. The lip is so highly specialized that its own terminology is needed. The stems are also unusual with tufted, ring-like sheaths.

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The photos for these species have not yet been positively identified.

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Lepanthes species
Lepanthes species
Lepanthes species
Lepanthes species
Lepanthes species
Lepanthes species
Lepanthes species
Lepanthes species
Lepanthes species
Lepanthes species
Lepanthes species
Lepanthes species
Lepanthes species
Lepanthes species
Lepanthes species
Lepanthes species
Lepanthes species
Lepanthes species
Lepanthes species
Lepanthes species
Lepanthes species
Lepanthes species
Lepanthes species
Lepanthes species


Lepanthes aberrans Schltr. = Draconanthes aberrans
Icones Pleurothallidinarum XIV; p. 3 (12/1996)
Lepanthes abitaguae Luer & Jost
Lepanthes abnormalis Schltr. = Lepanthes exima
Lepanthes abortiva Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes absens Luer & Hirtz
Lepanthes acarina Luer
Lepanthes aciculifolia Luer
Lepanthes acordilabia Ames & C.Schweinf.
Lepanthes acostaei Schltr.
Lepanthes acrogenia Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes actias-luna Luer & Hirtz
Lepanthes acuminata Schltr.
Lepanthes acunae Hespen.
Lepanthes acutissima Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes adamsii Hespen.
Lepanthes adelphe Luer & Hirtz
Lepanthes adrianae Luer
Lepanthes aduncata Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes aeora Luer & Hirtz
Lepanthes affinis Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes aggeris Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes aithalos G.Carnivali & I.Ramirez
Lepanthes alcicornis Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes alkaia Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes allector Luer
Lepanthes alopex Luer & Hirtz
Lepanthes alticola C.Schweinf.
Lepanthes amabilis Luer
Lepanthes amphioxa Luer & Hirtz
Lepanthes amplectens Luer & J.Hermans
Lepanthes amplior Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes amplisepala Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes anatina Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes ancyclopetala Dressler
Lepanthes andreettae Luer & Hirtz
Lepanthes andrenoglossa Rchb.f. = Lepanthes mucronata
Icones Pleurothallidinarum XIV; p. 122 (12/1996)
Lepanthes anfracta Garay & Dunst.
Lepanthes angulata Luer & Hirtz
Lepanthes ankistra Luer & Dressler
Lepanthes anserina Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes antennata Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes antennifera Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes antilocarpa Luer & Dressler
Lepanthes antiopa Luer
Lepanthes antioquiensis Schltr.
Lepanthes appendiculata Ames
Lepanthes applanata Luer & Sijm
Lepanthes aprica P.M.Catling & V.R.Catling
Lepanthes aprina Luer & Jost
Lepanthes acquila-borussiae Rchb.f.
Lepanthes arachnion Luer & Dressler
Lepanthes arbaceae Luer & Cloes
Lepanthes arbuscula Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes archilae Luer & Behar = Lepanthes stenophylla
Lepanthes arcuata Fawc. & Rendl. = Lepanthes elliptica
Icones Pleurothallidinarum XIV; p. 103 (12/1996)
Lepanthes arethusa Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes argentata Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes ariasiana Luer & L.Jost = Brachycladium ariasianum
Icones Pleurothallidinarum XXVII; p. 307 (2/2005)
Lepanthes aries Luer
Lepanthes aristata Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes asoma Luer & Hirtz
Lepanthes athena Luer
Lepanthes atomifera Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes atrata Endres ex Luer
Lepanthes atwoodii Luer
Lepanthes aubryi Luer & Jesup
Lepanthes auditor Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes aurea Urb
Lepanthes aures-asini Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes aurita Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes aurorae D.E.Bennett & Christ.
Lepanthes auspicata Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes avicularia Luer & Hirtz
Lepanthes avis Rchb.f.


Lepanthes bahorucana H.A.Hespen.
Lepanthes barbae Schltr.
Lepanthes barbatula Luer & Vásquez
Lepanthes barbigera Luer & Jost
Lepanthes barbosae Luer
Lepanthes beatriziae Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes beharii Luer
Lepanthes benzingii Luer
Lepanthes biappendiculata Luer
Lepanthes bifalcis Luer
Lepanthes bifaria Luer = Lepanthes brachypogon
Icones Pleurothallidinarum XIV; p. 45 (12/1996)
Lepanthes bifida Luer & Behar
Lepanthes bifurcata Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes biglomeris Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes bilabiata Fawc. & Rendl. = Lepanthes loddegesiana
Lepanthes biloba Lindl.
Lepanthes binaria Luer & A.C.Hirtz
Lepanthes bipinnatula Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes bituberculata Luer & HIrtz
Lepanthes bivalvis Luer & Sijm
Lepanthes blepharantha Schltr.
Lepanthes blepharistes Rchb.f.
Lepanthes blepharophylla (Gries.) Hespen.
Lepanthes boyacensis Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes brachypogon Luer
Lepanthes branchifera Luer & Vásquez
Lepanthes brasiliensis Pabst
Lepanthes breedlovei Salazar & Soto Arenas
Lepanthes brenesii Schltr.
Lepanthes brenneri Luer
Lepanthes brevipetala Fawc. & Rendle = Lepanthopsis melanantha
Icones Pleurothallidinarum VIII; p. 43 (8/1991)
Lepanthes brevis Luer & Vásquez
Lepanthes brownii Hesp.
Lepanthes brunnescens Luer
Lepanthes byfieldii Hespen.
Lepanthes bufonis Luer & Hirtz = Draconanthes bufonis
Icones Pleurothallidinarum XIV; p. 4 (12/1996)


Lepanthes cacique-tone Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes cactoura Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes caesariata Luer & R. Escobar
Lepanthes calliope Luer & Hirtz
Lepanthes callisto Luer & Hirtz
Lepanthes calocodon Luer
Lepanthes caloptera Luer
Lepanthes caloura Luer & Hirtz
Lepanthes calypso Luer & Hirtz
Lepanthes calyptrata Luer
Lepanthes campodostele Luer & Hirtz
Lepanthes camptica Luer & Hirtz
Lepanthes canaliculata Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes candida Endres ex Luer
Lepanthes capistrata Luer & Sijm
Lepanthes capitanea Rchb.f.
Lepanthes cardiochila Luer & R.Escobar = Brachycladium cardiochilum
Icones Pleurothallidinarum XXVII; p. 307 (2/2005)
Lepanthes carinata Luer & Hirtz
Lepanthes carinifera Barb.Rodr. = Pabstiella carinifera
Icones Pleurothallidinarum XXIX; p. 119 (8/2007)
Lepanthes caritensis R.L.Tremblay & J.D.Ackerman
Lepanthes carunculigera Rchb.f.
Lepanthes casajalensis Ames = Lepanthes eciliata
Lepanthes cassicula H.A.Hespen.
Lepanthes cassidea Rchb.f.
Lepanthes catella Luer & R.Escobar = Brachycladium catellum
Icones Pleurothallidinarum XXVII; p. 307 (2/2005)
Lepanthes caucana Luer = Lepanthes tracheia
Lepanthes cauda-avis Luer
Lepanthes caudata Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes caudatisepala A.H.Hespen. & D.D.Dod = Lepanthes herpaga
Lepanthes caudatisepala C.Schweinf.
Lepanthes caudigera Luer & Hirtz
Lepanthes caveroi D.E.Bennett & Christ = Brachycladium caveroi
Icones Pleurothallidinarum XXVII; p. 307 (2/2005)
Lepanthes celox Luer & Hirtz
Lepanthes cerambyx Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes cercion Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes chameleon Ames
Lepanthes chapina Luer & Behar
Lepanthes chelonion Luer & Escobar
Lepanthes chiliopsis Luer & Hirtz = Brachycladium chiliopse
Icones Pleurothallidinarum XXVII; p. 307 (2/2005)
Lepanthes chimaera Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes chiriquensis Schltr.
Lepanthes chorista Luer & Hirtz
Lepanthes chrysina Luer & Hirtz
Lepanthes chrysosepala Barb.Rodr. = Pabstiella arcuata
Icones Pleurothallidinarum XX; p. 59 (5/2000)
Lepanthes chrysostigma Lindl.
Lepanthes ciliaris Luer & Hirtz = Brachycladium ciliare
Icones Pleurothallidinarum XXVII; p. 307 (2/2005)
Lepanthes ciliata Lindl. ex Griseb. = Lepanthes blepharophylla
Lepanthes ciliicampa Luer & Hirtz
Lepanthes ciliolata Luer & Vásquez
Lepanthes cincinnata Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes cingens Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes circularia Luer
Lepanthes clandestina Luer & Hirtz
Lepanthes clareae Luer & J.Hermans
Lepanthes clarkii Luer
Lepanthes clausa Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes climax Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes cocculifera Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes cochliops Luer & Vásquez
Lepanthes coeloglossa Luer
Lepanthes cogolloi Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes collaris Luer
Lepanthes columbar Luer
Lepanthes comadresina Luer
Lepanthes comet-halleyi Luer
Lepanthes complicata Luer & Vásquez
Lepanthes composita Luer & R.Escobar = Brachycladium compositum
Icones Pleurothallidinarum XXVII; p. 307 (2/2005)
Lepanthes conchliabia Luer & Hirtz
Lepanthes concinna Sw. = Lepanthes ovalis
Lepanthes concinna var. obtusipetala Fawc. & Rendl. = Lepanthes obtusipetala
Lepanthes concolor Fawc. & Rendl. = Lepanthes rotundata
Lepanthes condorensis Luer & Hirtz
Lepanthes confusa Ames & C.Schweinf.
Lepanthes confusoides Luer
Lepanthes congesta R.E.Schult.
Lepanthes conjuncta Luer & Hirtz
Lepanthes constanzae Urb.
Lepanthes contingens Luer
Lepanthes convexa Hespenheide
Lepanthes corazonis Schltr. = Trichosalpinx chamaelepanthes
Icones Pleurothallidinarum XV; p. 50 (12/1997)
Lepanthes cordata Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes cordeliae Luer
Lepanthes cordilabia Luer = Brachycladium cordilabium
Icones Pleurothallidinarum XXVII; p. 307 (2/2005)
Lepanthes corkyae Luer & Hirta
Lepanthes cornualis Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes cornutipetala D.D.Dod
Lepanthes corrugata Luer & Dalström
Lepanthes cosmos Luer & R.Escobar = Lepanthes vespertilio
Lepanthes costata Rchb.f.
Lepanthes cotyledon Luer
Lepanthes cotylisca Luer & Hirtz
Lepanthes crassicaulis Barb.Rodr. = Pabstiella crassicaulis
Icones Pleurothallidinarum XXIX; p. 119 (8/2007)
Lepanthes crassifolia Rchb.f. = Lepanthes ovalis
Lepanthes craticia Luer
Lepanthes crebrifolia Barb.Rodr. = Anathallis crebrifolia
Icones Pleurothallidinarum XXIX; p. 118 (8/2007)
Lepanthes crenasta Luer
Lepanthes cremersii Luer
Lepanthes crista-piscis Luer & Vásquez
Lepanthes crista-pulli Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes cristata Barb.Rodr. = Acianthera cristata
Icones Pleurothallidinarum XXVI; p. 253 (2/2004)
Lepanthes crossota Luer
Lepanthes crucipetala H.A.Hespen.
Lepanthes cryptantha Barb.Rodr. = Specklinia cryptantha
Icones Pleurothallidinarum XXVI; p. 260 (2/2004)
Lepanthes cryptophytos Barb.Rodr. = Pabstiella parvifolia
Icones Pleurothallidinarum XXVIII; p. 139 (5/2006)
Lepanthes ctenophora Luer & Hirtz
Lepanthes cuatrecasasii Luer
Lepanthes cubensis Hespen.
Lepanthes cucuullata Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes culex Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes cuneiformis Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes cunicularis Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes cuspidata Luer
Lepanthes cycliochila Luer & R.Escobar
Lepanthes cymbium Luer & Escobar
Lepanthes crillicola Luer & Llamacho
Lepanthes cyanoptera Rchb.f. = Lepanthes ionoptera
Lepanthes cyrtostele Luer & Hirtz