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Luzama (loo-ZAH-mah) is an Andean genus with variable species mostly concentrated in southern Ecuador. It is characterized by a small, caespitose habit with short ramicauls, a slender erect or prone peduncle with a single flower that is followed at intervals by a second or more flowers. The veins of the sepals are often thickened and minutely hairy at the ovary which is often ribbed, keeled, rough-keeled to nearly smooth. The sepals form a short tube or cup with or without tails. The petals are callous along the lower half. The lip is oblong with various modifications. Although there is no distinctive feature, except for the hairs at the bases of the sepals which are not always present, the species are usually easily recognized by the few characters listed above. DNA evidence suggests that species previously belonging to Masdevallia section Amazulae and Masdevallia section Aphanes be united here.

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Luzama amazulae (Luer & Malo) Luer
Luzama aphanes (Königer) Luer
Luzama audax (Königer) Luer
Luzama aurorae (Luer & M.W.Chase) Luer
Luzama berthae (Luer & Andreetta) Luer
Luzama carmenensis (Luer & Malo) Luer
Luzama chaucae (Luer) Luer
Luzama chimboënsis (Kraenzl.) Luer
Luzama collantesii (D.E.Benn. & Christensen) Luer
Luzama expers (Luer & Andreetta) Luer
Luzama gemula (Luer & V.N.M.Rao) Luer
Luzama henniae (Luer & Dalström) Luer
Luzama indecora (Luer & R.Escobar) Luer
Luzama lynniana (Luer) Luer
Luzama manchinazae (Luer & Andreetta) Luer
Luzama mataxa (Königer & H.Mend.) Luer
Luzama mentosa (Luer) Luer
Luzama merinoi (Luer & Portilla) Luer
Luzama paquishae (Luer & Hirtz) Luer
Luzama patula (Luer & Malo) Luer
Luzama plantaginea (Poepp. & Endl.) Luer
Luzama pyknosepala (Luer & Cloes) Luer
Luzama sanchezii (Luer & Andreetta) Luer
Luzama scalpellifera (Luer) Luer
Luzama schitzostigma (Luer) Luer
Luzama scopaea (Luer & R.Vásquez) Luer
Luzama setipes (Schltr.) Luer
Luzama smallmaniana (Luer) Luer
Luzama strattoniana (Luer & Hirtz) Luer
Luzama trifurcata (Luer) Luer