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Petalodon (pet-ah-LOH-don) is distinguished by a caespitose habit, a congested, successively-flowered raceme borne by a peduncle round in cross-section. The sepals form a cup that is bent abruptly in the middle. The petals are cartilage-like with a callus at the base that appears as a pair or a fused pair of processes. The lip is oblong and not verrucose. These species used to belong to Masdevallia section Dentatae.

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Petalodon collina (L.O.Williams) Luer
Petalodon dryada (Luer & R.Escobar) Luer
Petalodon macrogenia (Arango) Luer
Petalodon zapatae (Luer & R.Escobar) Luer