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Masdevallia and Affiliates explains the newly accepted divisions of Masdevallia that Carl Luer outlined in Icones vol 28.

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Reichantha (rye-KAN-thah) consists mostly of Central American species and is distinguished by a caespitose habit, a single flower or a successively flowered raceme (except one with two simultaneous flowers), borne by a peduncle round in cross-section. The sepals are long-tailed. The petals are callous on the lower half without a protruding process. The lip is oblong with a pair of often distinct longitudinal calli on or above the middle. Most of these species came from Masdevallia section Reichenbachianae. A few came from other subgenera and sections.

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Reichantha calura (Rchb.f.) Luer
Reichantha chasei (Luer) Luer
Reichantha cupularis (Rchb.f.) Luer
Reichantha demissa (Rchb.f.) Luer
Reichantha eburnea (Luer & Maduro) Luer
Reichantha gloriae (Luer & Maduro) Luer
Reichantha lankesteriana (Luer) Luer
Reichantha marginella (Rchb.f.) Luer
Reichantha mejiana (Garay) Luer
Reichantha ostaurina (Luer & V.N.M.Rao) Luer
Reichantha reichenbachiana (Endres ex Rchb.f.) Luer
Reichantha rolfeana (Kraenzl.) Luer
Reichantha schroederiana (Sander ex Veitch) Luer
Reichantha striatella (Rchb.f.) Luer
Reichantha thienii (Dodson) Luer = Alaticaulia thienii
Icones Pleurothallidinarum XXIX; p. 118 (08/2007)
Reichantha tonduzii (Woolward) Luer
Reichantha walteri (Luer) Luer