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Triotosiphon (try-oh-toh-SYE-fon) is a genus of minute, short-stemmed, single-flowered, caespitose plants that are native to the northern coast of South America and the Andes at lower altitudes.  The sepals are deeply connected into a tube that is more or less constricted above the middle.  The petals are more or less simple.  The lip is bicallous.  Species in this genus used to reside in Masdevallia section Triotosiphon.

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Triotosiphon bangii (Schltr.) Luer
Triotosiphon gnoma (Sweet) Luer
Triotosiphon irapana (Sweet) Luer
Triotosiphon kyphonantha (Sweet) Luer
Triotosiphon lansbergii (Rchb.f.) Luer