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Masdevallia and Affiliates explains the newly accepted divisions of Masdevallia that Carl Luer outlined in Icones vol 28.

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Octomeria (ok-toh-MER-ee-a), from the Greek for "eight parts" referring to the eight pollinia, consist of around 150 species found throughout the American tropics, but with the majority in Brazil. Some have flat leaves while others have terete or needle-like foliage. At the base of the leaf are the single flowers with large membranous sepals and petals. The lips are lobed with a hinged base.

Because Carl Luer has not yet published Octomeria in one of the Icones Pleurothallidinarum, the list here was obtained from an alternate source.

Photo credits are on each photo. Photos may not be used without permission.

These plants have not yet been positively identified.


Octomeria aetheoantha Barb.Rodr.
Octomeria albiflora Hoehne & Schltr.
Octomeria albina Barb.Rodr. = Octomeria tricolor
Octomeria albopurpurea Barb.Rodr.
Octomeria albo-rosea Kraenzl. = Acianthera albo-rosea
Icones Pleurothallidinarum XXVI; p. 253 (2/2004)
Octomeria alexandri Schltr.
Octomeria aloefolia Barb.Rodr.
Octomeria alpina Barb.Rodr.
Octomeria amazonica Pabst
Octomeria anceps C.Porro & Brade
Octomeria anomala Garay & G.C.K.Dunst.
Octomeria apiculata (Lindl.) Garay & R.Sweet = Octomeria graminifolia
Octomeria arcuata Rolfe


Octomeria baueri Lindl.
Octomeria bidentata Lindl.
Octomeria boliviensis Rolfe
Octomeria boliviensis var. grandiflora C.Schweinf. = Octomeria peruviana
Octomeria brachypetala Schltr. = Octomeria brevifolia
Octomeria bradei Schltr. = Octomeria linearifolia
Octomeria butchienii Schltr.


Octomeria caespitosa Lodd ex W.Baxt.
Octomeria caetensis Pabst
Octomeria caldensis Hoehne
Octomeria callosa Luer
Octomeria campos-portoi Schltr.
Octomeria cariocana Pabst
Octomeria chamaeleptotes Rchb.f.
Octomeria chloidophylla (Rchb.f.) Garay
Octomeria cochlearis Rchb.f.
Octomeria colombiana Schltr.
Octomeria complanata C.Schweinf. = Octomeria yauaperyensis
Octomeria concolor Barb.Rodr.
Octomeria connellii Rolfe
Octomeria cordilabia C.Schweinf.
Octomeria costaricensis Schltr.
Octomeria crassifolia Lindl.
Octomeria crassilabia Pabst
Octomeria cucullata C.Porto & Brade


Octomeria decipiens Dammer
Octomeria decumbens Cogn.
Octomeria deltoglossa Garay
Octomeria densiflora Barb.Rodr. = Octomeria crassifolia
Octomeria dentifera C.Schweinf.
Octomeria diaphana Lindl.
Octomeria dusenii Schltr. = Octomeria chloidophylla


Octomeria edmundoi Brade
Octomeria elobata Schltr. = Octomeria octomeriantha
Octomeria ementosa Barb.Rodr.
Octomeria erosilabia C.Schweinf.
Octomeria estrellensis Hoehne
Octomeria exchlorophyllata Barb.Rodr.
Octomeria exigua C.Schweinf.
Octomeria exigua var. elata C.Schweinf.


Octomeria fasciculata Barb.Rodr.
Octomeria frenchiana Feldmann & Barré
Octomeria fialhoensis Dutra apud Pabst
Octomeria fibrifera Schltr.
Octomeria filifolia C.Schweinf.
Octomeria fimbriata C.Porto & Peixoto
Octomeria flabellifera Pabst
Octomeria flaviflora C.Schweinf.


Octomeria gehrtii Hoehne & Schltr.
Octomeria gemmula G.Carnefali F.C. & I.Ramírez
Octomeria geraensis (Barb.Rodr.) Barb.Rodr.
Octomeria glazioviana Regel
Octomeria gracilicaulis Schltr.
Octomeria gracilis Barb.Rodr. = Octomeria rodriguesii
Octomeria gracilis Lodd. ex Lindl.
Octomeria graminifolia (L.) R.Br.
Octomeria guentheriana Kraenzl.


Octomeria harantiana I.Bock
Octomeria hatschbachii Schltr.
Octomeria heleneana G.Carnevali F.C. & F.Celascio Chitty
Octomeria helvola Barb.Rodr.
Octomeria hoehnei Schlechter = Octomeria hondurensis
Octomeria hondurensis Ames


Octomeria iguapensis Schltr.
Octomeria integrilabia C.Schweinf.
Octomeria irrorata Schltr.
Octomeria itatiaiae Brade & Pabst


Octomeria juergensii Schltr.


Octomeria kestrochila Garay & Dunst. = Octomeria exigua


Octomeria lacerata Barb.Rodr. = Octomeria tricolor
Octomeria lancipetala C.Schweinf.
Octomeria leptophylla Barb.Rodr.
Octomeria lichenicola Barb.Rodr.
Octomeria linearifolia Barb.Rodr.
Octomeria lithophila (Barb.Rodr.) Barb.Rodr.
Octomeria lobulosa Rchb.f.
Octomeria loddigesii Lindl.
Octomeria longerepens Schltr. = Octomeria graminifolia
Octomeria longifolia Schltr.


Octomeria margaretae pabst ex B.Toscano
Octomeria mauritii Pabst = Octomeria micrantha
Octomeria micrantha Barb.Rodr.
Octomeria minor C.Schweinf.
Octomeria minuta Cogn.
Octomeria mocoana Schltr.
Octomeria montana Barb.Rodr.
Octomeria monticola C.Schweinf.
Octomeria multiflora Barb.Rodr. = Octomeria tridentata


Octomeria nana C.Schweinf.


Octomeria ochroleuca Barb.Rodr.
Octomeria octomeriantha (Hoehne) Pabst
Octomeria ouropretana H.Barb.
Octomeria oxychela Barb.Rodr.


Octomeria palmyrabellae Barb.Rodr.
Octomeria parvifolia Rolfe
Octomeria parvula C.Schweinf.
Octomeria paulensis Barb.Rodr. = Octomeria praetans
Octomeria peruviana D.E.Bennett & Christensen
Octomeria petulans Rchb.f.
Octomeria pinicola Barb.Rodr.
Octomeria praetans Barb.Rodr.
Octomeria prostrata H.Stenzel
Octomeria pusilla Barb.Rodr. = Octomeria minuta
Octomeria pusilla Lindl.
Octomeria pygmaea C.Schweinf.


Octomeria recchiana Hoehne
Octomeria reitzii Pabst
Octomeria rhizomatosa C.Schweinf.
Octomeria rhodoglossa Schltr.
Octomeria rigida Barb.Rodr.
Octomeria riograndensis Schltr.
Octomeria robusta Barb.Rodr. = Octomeria grandiflora
Octomeria robusta Rchg.f. & Warm.
Octomeria rodeiensis Barb.Rodr.
Octomeria rodriguesii Cogn.
Octomeria rohrii Pabst
Octomeria romerorum G.Carnevali & I.Ramírez
Octomeria rotundiglossa Hoehne
Octomeria runbrifolia Barb.Rodr.
Octomeria ruthiana Hoehne = Octomeria surinamensis


Octomeria sagittata (Rchb.f.) Garay
Octomeria sancti-angeli Kraenzl.
Octomeria sarcophylla Barb.Rodr.
Octomeria sarthouae Luer
Octomeria saundersiana Rchb.f.
Octomeria schultesii Pabst
Octomeria scirpoidea (poepp. & Endl.) Rchb.f.
Octomeria seegeriana Kraenzl.
Octomeria semiconnata C.Schweinf.
Octomeria semiteres Regel = Octomeria seegeriana
Octomeria serpens Schltr.
Octomeria serrana Hoehne
Octomeria setigera Pabst
Octomeria similis Schltr. = Octomeria robusta Rchb.f. & Warm.
Octomeria spannagelii Hoehne
Octomeria spathulata Rchb.f.
Octomeria splendida Garay & G.C.K.Dunst.
Octomeria stellaris Barb.Rodr.
Octomeria steyermarkii Garay & Dunst.
Octomeria supra-glauca Rolfe = Octomeria cochlearis


Octomeria taracuana Schltr.
Octomeria tenuis Schltr.
Octomeria teretifolia Barb.Rodr.
Octomeria tricolor Rchb.f.
Octomeria tridentata Lindl.
Octomeria truncicola Barb.Rodr.
Octomeria trundata Rchb.f. ex Hoffmgg. = Octomeria surinamensis


Octomeria umbonulata Schltr.
Octomeria ungruiculata Schltr.


Octomeria valeroi Ames & Schweinf. = Octomeria constaricensis
Octomeria ventii H.Dietrich


Octomeria warmingii Rchb.f.
Octomeria wawrae Rchb.f.
Octomeria wilsoniana Hoehne
Octomeria wilsoniae Hoehne = Octomeria wilsoniana


Octomeria xanthina Barb.Rodr. = Octomeria petulans


Octomeria yauaperyensis Barb.Rodr.