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Lepanthes and Affiliates

Lepanthes (not yet registered)

(L. gargoyla x L. sinuosa)


Additional Information:

While the two parents of this hybrid have similarities in their form, you can still see their differences in this cross. The border of lighter color on the lateral sepals comes from L. sinuosa while the overall muted color comes from L. gargoyla.

Lepanthes Ayla

(L. horrida x L. guatemalensis)


Plant ID: 00137/02027


Clonal Name: 'J&L' (on 02027)

Award: HCC/AOS of 75 points (on 02027)


Additional Information:

One of the things that impressed the judges the most about this hybrid was the hybrid vigor it had.  This photo is just a piece of the original plant that was awarded.

Lepanopsis Michelle

(Lepanthopsis floripectin x Lepanthes cochleariformis)


Plant ID: 00001


Clonal Name: Free Spirit

Award: AM/AOS of 80 points given on 2-24-2001 at the Greater Lansing Orchid Society Show.


Additional Information: An interesting notation is that on one blooming, the several inflorescences had flowers with varying degrees of color. Most of the time, the flowers are all the darker color.